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Under the leadership of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh emerged as an independent and sovereign country in 1971 through a glorious victory in a ninemonth‟s war of liberation. Before that Bangladesh was a province of Pakistan and was called „East Pakistan‟. After the fall of Nawab Sirajuddowla in the Battle of Plassey on 23 June 1757, this wealthy part of the Indian Subcontinent was ruled by the British from 1757 to 1947. In 1947, the British colonial rule ended, and the Indian Subcontinent was partioned into two independent nations–India and Pakistan. Profound disparities in governance between East and West Pakistan led to the craving for independence among the East Pakistanis. The unique Language Movement of 1952 and a series of mass upsurge at various times during the 1960s and early 1970s led to the War of Liberation.
To develop a network to render the desirable quality of healthcare services to the people with diabetes throughout the country and maximize the utilization of available resources by partnership.
1. Equitable access with desirable standards of healthcare for the patients with diabetic in Bangladesh both urban and rural areas. 2. Reduce disease burden by early detection and screening program as result no diabetic patient should die untreated, unemployed or unfed at the grassroots level. 3. All people shall be provided health care service with reasonable prices. 4. To develop professional skill manpower to create a nationwide quality care system to reduce the present costs and provide improve healthcare services. 5. To develop and establish authority, accountability & responsibility including performance evaluation system through standard principle and guidelines in the healthcare delivery channel. 6. To develop satisfactory system among the GOB/owners, service providers and clients at all level. 7. To develop quality diagnostic facilities and telemedicine services in the rural areas.


    1. To provide desirable standards of quality healthcare for all diabetic patients irrespective of gender, ethnicity, economic and social status by Bangladesh Diabetic Network Ltd. 2. To expand BDN services to provide equitable access of diabetes healthcare for all in urban and rural areas of Bangladesh through self-sustaining centers of excellences. 3. To produce a self-motivated, committed and competent workforce at all level e.g. Doctors, executive administrator, nurses, medical technologists, medical assistants, attendants, cleaners, etc. to meet the country’s demand and also suitable for exporting to the global market. 4. To conduct state of the art postgraduate medical courses with a view to produce a group of smart, innovative and challenging clinical and non-clinical specialists capable to provide leadership in building a new model of client-centered, efficient and quality health care services especially in diabetes management.. 5. To conduct multi-disciplinary short and intermediate duration health, patient & family education, nutrition, rehabilitation, healthcare quality management, business communication and HMS courses for both government and private sector professionals and workers. 6. To enhance collaboration with regional and extra-regional hospitals/health care and health networks. 7. To ensure quality diagnostic facilities by setup diagnostic centers with quality management and establish telemedicine centers of its coverage area.